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Additional Offerings

Weekend Excursions: For two and three week or longer campers. Hike and camp out on the remote back side of the island; OR - take an overnight kayak trip to an outer island to camp overnight; OR - take a boat trip to haul a lobster trap and visit salmon aquaculture sites and herring fishing weirs along the shore, then stop on an outer island to cook a fish dinner.

College Credit Courses for High School Students - Advance your opportunities for success. Choose from two three-week workshops. "Introduction to the Ecology of the Bay of Fundy" or "Authors & Artists of the Sea".

One Week Family Session - How much fun can one family have? A limited number of families are accepted to allow for more comfort and privacy for each family. Perfect for your family reunion. The program activities mirror the student program and are presented in a manner appropriate to your family

Teacher Workshop - Take the whales back to your classroom along with your new inspiration. Whether taken for 3 graduate-level credits or just for fun, you will have so much to take back to the classroom including a rather large smile. Credits require completion of lesson plans demonstrating the integration of materials for classroom use.

Custom School and Organization Programs - Taylor made in length, content and price to affordably meet your school curriculum and group goals.