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Family, Adult Transportation

Participants may choose to bring their own vehicle to Grand Manan or have The Whale Camp provide round-trip transportation from Bangor, Maine for a fee. (If choosing to be picked up by Whale Camp, see prior section on Student Program.) If bringing your own vehicle to Grand Manan you may want to fly to Bangor, Maine and rent a car for the final trip to the island. If you choose to fly to Bangor, Maine see the above paragraphs Transportation for Student Programs) regarding flight discounts through our travel agent, Sheila Weinstein. In the past, most individuals have been willing to share rides and transportation costs. Maps and schedules will be provided for your assistance. For your convenience, the Whale Camp has arranged for reduced lodging fees in Bangor on the night prior to the beginning of each session. Participants over the age of 17 must bring a valid passport for crossing the border, for 17 and under an original birth certificate is adequate (no copies).

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