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Student Transportation

(Optional for Family,Teacher, Adult Program)

The Whale Camp has many years experience in making your travel as safe and convenient as possible. To accomplish this, all campers arrive in Bangor, Maine on the day prior to the first day of the program. Whether arriving in Bangor by plane, car or bus the Whale Camp staff will be waiting to personally meet each of our campers and provide for their security. Lodging that night will be provided for an additional fee at a leading comfortable inn. Parents are welcome to stay at the inn as well but must make reservations on their own. As a service to parents Whale Camp also provides round-trip transportation from Bangor, Maine to the camp on Grand Manan Island for a minimal fee. Campers will be provided meals while traveling but should also bring some spending money for snacks on transportation days. Students must bring a valid passport or original birth certificate for crossing the border.

We urge you to secure your airline tickets well in advance and to research your flight options from several airports to obtain the best price. You can often save several hundred dollars by driving to an airport with lower prices and/or a direct flight. Bus service is also available to Bangor, ME, at a very reasonable price. If flying into Bangor Airport, you may save time by using our professional travel agent, Sheila Weinstein, of Travel Experts travel agency, 610-642-3300 ext. 15, to arrange your airline service to Bangor. Sheila has many years of experience and has arranged for special rates from certain airlines for Whale Camp families who book through her agency. In addition, she will coordinate flights where possible to allow children of your area to fly together. Have your child's flight arrive after 12:30 PM on the day prior to the first day of camp and leave after 1:30 PM on the last day the camp is in session. Whale Camp staff members will be at the Bangor International Airport in the afternoon on the day prior to the first day of each camp session, to meet all campers arriving by plane. Younger students flying into Bangor who need to pay unaccompanied minor fees to airlines must either pay the fees directly to the airlines IN ADVANCE or send cash in a separate envelope marked -FOR UNACCOMPANIED MINOR FEE- along with the student.
Because of Bangor Maine's proximity to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor many parents deliver their child to Bangor and take advantage of the region's many attractions for a personal vacation. If arriving by car, you may meet our staff at Bangor Airport or at our hotel the day before your camp session begins.Bangor, Maine is easily reached from Interstate 95.