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Bay of Fundy

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Located between Maine and Nova Scotia, the Bay of Fundy is famous for having the highest tides in the world and it's a marine scientists dream location.  You will observe the power of the tides in action. Chart1 You'll observe the impact of gravitational forces of the sun and moon that drive the tides and the explosion of life in the Bay of Fundy!  You'll see the tidal surges that force oceans nutrients to the surface where they help produce healthy blooms of plankton. You'll use oceanography equipment to test water samples to understand the life producing chemical properties in the sea. From our sixty foot sailboat, you'll haul the plankton net out of the sea to closely study living plankton, the smallest plants and animals of the food chain. These Plankton blooms are the basis of an amazingly concentrated food-web of marine and bird life. map-1 From the plankton to the whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and puffins, you'll be face to face with the bay's amazing marine life. It's a fantastic chain of life that unfolds daily before your eyes and clarifies how life in the bay and on our planet works. You'll experience how nature works through fun, hands-on marine science explorations. You will come away empowered with a clear understanding of ocean ecology, marine biology and marine science. Hands-on discoveries abound in the famous Bay of Fundy and help you find answers to some of the most amazing mysteries of life.